Jurgen Klopp agrees to boycott Abramovich.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp agrees with the British government over sanctions against Roman Abramovich. But has pointed out that Chelsea personnel are not responsible.

         Abramovich has been barred from selling tickets. Merchandise or buying and selling players.

         On the situation around Stamford Bridge, Klopp agrees said: “With Thomas we know each other but we are not that close. We have discussions during the game. But not at other times.”

         “For him and all the players and staff at Chelsea. That is not their responsibility for what happens around them. The only one who is really responsible is Vladimir Putin.

         “I don’t know about Roman Abramovich’s role in that. UFABET But over the years you can guess they were very close.”

         “I think what the British government is doing is 100 per cent right but it’s not good for everyone at Chelsea and the supporters, I understand but I think what the government is doing is right.”

Pressure has been mounting recently due to his long-held connection with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Amid growing international sanctions against Russia and its oligarchs in response to the country’s invasion of Ukraine, a member of the British Parliament this week read a leaked 2019 Home Office document linking Abramovich to Putin and “corrupt activity and practices”, questioning whether the billionaire should be allowed in Brattain.