Burnley announce Foster has mental health problems.

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Burnley bottom of the Premier League released a statement saying striker Lyle Foster is dealing with mental health issues. And will not be able to enter the field for a while.

The 23-year-old striker joined Burnley from Vesterlo in the Belgian league in the middle of last season. Before helping the team promote to the Premier League this season. And has played 7 matches, scoring 3 goals ทางเข้า UFABET

A club statement said: “On behalf of Lyle Foster and his family. They have asked us to provide an update on Lyle’s condition.”

“Lyle has recently revealed to us that he is living with mental health issues and has requested help.”

“He is now under the care of experts. And we have given him the support and care he needs to help him return to full health.”

Due to this latest health problem, Lyle Foster will miss the field indefinitely. And cannot specify the exact time for returning to play again.

For Lyle Foster, after the first half of the 2022/23 season. He showed excellent form by scoring 8 goals from playing 21 games in the Belgian top league. Vincent Kompany, manager of B.C. Morningley Foster was brought into the team. To be the main force in the front line Lead the team to promotion to the Premier League next season.