Zucchini and skin benefits.

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Mature zucchini have a lot of fiber. Many people like to use a luffa or loofah to scrub their skin during bathing. Which is believed to have a positive effect on the skin. Helps get rid of dead skin cells or dirt that clogs the skin. There is also a luffa to scrub the bottom. To reduce inflammation of the pores and help reduce the problem of acne on the bottom as well. One study suggests that Luffa is a source of chitin, which is useful for wound healing. And although this study shows a promising trend in skin treatment with zucchini. But it was only an animal experiment. Therefore, further studies in humans are needed. To ensure that loofahs and luffa are effective in healing wounds. Or is it really useful for treating other skin diseases?

Zucchini and antioxidants.  

Many experts believe that free radicals are a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. Macular degeneration, cancer or other health problems, with many people believing that onion zucchini may be one of the vegetables near the body that help fight free radicals. There are also studies that indicate that zucchini contains many antioxidants such as P-Coumaric Acid, Diosmetin, Epigenin ( Apigenin ), luteolin group ( Luteolin ), etc., which are all useful substances and help prevent damage that may occur to cells in the body UFABET

However, there is still no research on the exact effectiveness of zucchini in antioxidants and prevention of various diseases, so there should be further research in this area in the future.